Wednesday, 28 September 2016

YR 6 Wide Lane Tournament

On Monday 26th September Orchard took part in the Southampton schools football tournament against 25 other teams. Orchards first match was against Portswood and they dominated possession to win 1-0 - a good start to the tournament. In their second match they faced St Monica which they drew 0-0. Orchards 3rd match was against Fairisle which was a fairly comfortable win 4-1. Then they faced Hollybrook a very tight game which turned out a draw 1-1. Their 5th match which was against Townhill was a tight game helped out by Owen’s and Luke’s off the line save they ended up winning. Finally they played Bassett Green which they won 1-0 - they went through first in their group to play Oakwood in the semis which they won on penalties- they were in the final. Sadly they lost the final with an agonising 1-0 which was scored in the last 30 seconds of the second half.  

Jake (Keeper)

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